Aug 21 2006

Page Properties and SqlDataSource-ObjectDataSource-AccessDataSource

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A nice tip given by Stephan Walther in his latest book, ASP.NET 2.0 Unleashed is how to use a page property as a parameter to either Insert, Delete, Update, or Select parameters.

As you know, we have a set of new parameter objects that can be used to supply data to Sql, Object, and Access DataSources. Among which is the ControlParameter.

ControlParameter usually uses a control on the page. Since a Page is also a control, then we can use the Page control as follows

<asp:ControlParameter Name="IPAddress" ControlID="__page"
                PropertyName="IPAddress" />

In this example, you can see that the ControlParamter uses the ControlID as "__page", where __page is the name of the Page control at run time. The propertyName here represents a property that you have created on the page code-behind as:

    Public ReadOnly Property IPAddress() As String
            Return Request.UserHostAddress
        End Get
    End Property

So, you are able to use the Page property simply as input for the ControlParameter.

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