Jan 28 2009

A Guide to Learning ASP.NET MVC Release Candidate 1

Category: ASP.NET MVC RC 1[email protected] @ 08:10

As you know ASP.NET MVC Release Candidate 1 has been released and a very good guide for you to learn it, is to follow this guidelines, by the LEGEND!

A Guide to Learning ASP.NET MVC Release Candidate 1


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Jan 23 2009

IIS 7.0 Configuration Reference

IIS 7.0 introduced a new configuration system that is based on XML similar to that in ASP.NET.

I discussed this new configuration system in my book ASP.NET 3.5 Security, Membership and Role Management with C# and VB. However, I noticed on the IIS 7 website, a new page that is dedicated to explain all the XML elements in details.

Check it out at: http://www.iis.net/configreference


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Jan 23 2009

Thumbnails not showing/previewing in Windows Explorer - Windows Server 2008

Category: Windows Server 2008[email protected] @ 21:18

I have always found it bothering not to be able to view the image thumbnails inside Windows Explorer in Windows Server 2008. What I did to solve the problem and be able to view the thumbnails, is go do the following:

  1. Inside Windows Explorer, go to Tools menu
  2. Select *Folder Options*
  3. Select the *View* tab
  4. Deselect the first checkbox "Always show icons, never thumbnails"

That's all what you need to do :)




Jan 22 2009

How to find the Microsoft® File Transfer Manager?

Category:[email protected] @ 10:36

Have you ever tried to locate the Microsoft File Transfer Manager on your PC? Sometimes, it happens with me that I need to restart the PC while the File Manager is working, downloading software from my MSDN account. Then when the PC is up and I need to re-open the manage, I couldn't find it and what I used to do is login again to MSDN, try to download any software, so that I get the File Manager again.

Well, there is an easier solution, simple follow the steps and it works perfect:

  1. Open the CMD (Command Prompt)
  2. Change directory to %SystemRoot%\Downloaded Program Files\
  3. Type TransferMgr.exe
  4. You will see the File Manager window in front of you on the screen

 The above steps can be found in more details here: Microsoft® File Transfer Manager

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Jan 20 2009

Beirut - Number 1 Place to Visit in 2009

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It feels great to know that Beirut (Capitol of Lebanon - my country) has been selected to be the number 1 city to visit in 2009.

Check this URL: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2009/01/11/travel/20090111_DESTINATIONS.html


I guess you know where you will spend your vacation in 2009 ;)


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Jan 7 2009

Travis Illig Review on ASP.NET 3.5 Security, Membership and Role Management in C# and VB

Here is an interesting review on my book by Travis Illig that I was referred to by Jim Minatel

Book Review: Professional ASP.NET 3.5 Security, Membership, and Role Management with C# and VB

Here is an excerpt of Travis review:

"Chapter 18, though, is where you'll want to flip right to. This is where it all comes together - all the stuff you'll have learned from the previous chapters, put together in a near-checklist form, so you can take a step back from the application you're working on, look through this, and ask yourself, "Am I doing this in a secure fashion?" Common gotchas and attacks are discussed here as well as ways to protect yourself.

It's definitely not for folks new to ASP.NET - if you haven't written an ASP.NET app before or you're just starting out, this isn't for you. This book gives you in-depth information that, in some cases, you'd only otherwise get by using .NET Reflector to delve into the actual .NET assemblies and follow the code. It's heavy, detailed information. For mid-level to experienced ASP.NET developers, you definitely need to pick this up.

In all, this is one of those books I'm really glad to have on my shelf, right alongside Professional ASP.NET 3.5 in C# and VB."

Hope you enjoy reading this review and reading the book :)


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Jan 6 2009

Visual Studio 2008 tips/tricks: Immediate Window Not Showing

Category: Visual Studio[email protected] @ 13:59

Sometimes, the *Immediate Window* doesn't show when working inside the Visual Studio 2008. To show that window, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on the VS Toolbar.
  2. Click on the *Customize* entry
  3. Go to the *Command* tab
  4. Select the *Debug* under the *Categories* list box.
  5. On the *Command* list box to the right-side, select the *Immediate* entry and drag it to the VS toolbar.


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