Dec 19 2009

PRISM - A Developer's Introduction

Category: prism | Silverlight | WPFBil@l @ 10:06

I will be presenting next week a session on Composite Application Library - Prism, an introduction to developers to start using Prism in their applications.

If you like to join, please come join us at: PRISM - A Developer's Introduction


See you there ;)

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May 30 2009

Telerik Sales Dashboard Demo for Silverlight and WPF

Category: silverlight 2.0 | Telerik Controls | WPFBil@l @ 20:52

Telerik just release the Telerik Sales Dashboard Demo for both Silverlight and WPF.

Check this blog post for more info on the Dashboard: Telerik Dashboard for Silverlight and WPF


Hope you enjoy it!

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Oct 23 2008

XAML Intellisense Broken in VS 2008

Category: VS 2008 | WPF | XAMLBil@l @ 15:34

I faced a problem today where the XAML Intellisense was broken inside the XAML Browser in VS 2008. I researched a bit on the internet and found the following link that helped me solve the problem. The problem appears when you install the Windows SDK after you have installed VS 2008.

Here is the link: Installing Win SDK after VS2008 breaks XAML Intellisense


Hope this helps,

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