Jun 10 2009

SnippetManager by Karen Corby

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A very fascinating SnippetManager I noticed yesterday while attending a Mix'09 session by Karen Corby, Program Manager in Silverilght team at Microsoft, that she used throughout her session to drag text from it into the Visual Studio working area.

The SnippetManager looks something like this:

To download this SnippetManager together with its WPF soure code, please check Karen's blog post here: SnippetManager

Hope you enjoy it,


Jun 5 2009

Columns & Rows: Part I Silverlight 2.0 DataGrid Properties

I invite you to read my latest article on ASPNETPRO magazine:

Columns & Rows: Part I Silverlight 2.0 DataGrid Properties

This is the first in a series of few articles to cover all features of the Silverlight 2.0 DataGrid.


Enjoy it!


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Jun 2 2009

Error. Setup is unable to find load htmllite.dll

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I got the error "error. setup is unable to find load htmllite.dll" while installing the Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1.

All what you need to resolve this, is copy the "htmllite.dll" file from the contents of the VS 2010 CD into the Windows folder.


Hope this helps,


May 30 2009

Telerik Sales Dashboard Demo for Silverlight and WPF

Telerik just release the Telerik Sales Dashboard Demo for both Silverlight and WPF.

Check this blog post for more info on the Dashboard: Telerik Dashboard for Silverlight and WPF


Hope you enjoy it!

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May 29 2009

Telerik WebUI Test Studio

I want to invite you to check the article titled "Telerik WebUI Test Studio" on the http://www.aspnetpro.com magazine that is authored by my colleague Rawane Madi.

The article can be reached at: Telerik WebUI Test Studio


Good work Rawane! Keep it up.


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May 26 2009

Model-View-ViewModel in Silverlight

A very nice article to share that shows how to develop an MVVM Application in Silverlight 2.0.

Check the article here: Model View ViewModel in Silverlight 2.0


Hope you enjoy it,


May 18 2009

XAML Power Toys for WPF and Silverlight 2.0 - V4.0

A very nice Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Add-in that you can find handy when developing with Silverlight 2.0 is the XAML Power Toys for WPF and Silverlight.

You can create a XAML business form by using a simple form that drives you step by step in selecting in creating your rows and columns.

You can also create a XAML business form based on a domain object in your project, and much more features.


If you are developing in Silverlight 2.0, it is a must to check this Add-in. XAML Power Toys for WPF and Silverlight 2.0 V 4.0

Hope this helps,

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May 2 2009

Internal Access Modifier on C# Namespaces

Category: C# | silverlight 2.0[email protected] @ 00:08

As part of a Silverlight applicatin I am currently developing, I have a small API that ships with the application that allows extending it with more features. I had few "Default" implementations inside the API and hence I placed them within a Namespace where all classes are marked as Internal.

Now, when I started working on the app, I created a Visual Studio Blank Solution. So the Silverlight application and the API are in the same blank empty solution inside VS 2008. When I access the main Namespace of the API, I always get to see the name of the default implementations, however as empty since all classes inside it are internal. 

So how can I hide the Namespace that contains all those implementations? I read this blog here "http://www.bartlannoeye.be/blog/2008/08/06/MakeCNamespaceInternal.aspx" which helped me do what I want, but I thought of illustrating a bit more here in this post to clarify the idea more.

Rule 1: Make sure all the classes inside the Namespace you want to hide are marked as Internal.

Rule 2: If you add a reference to a project whose source code is in the same solution, you will always see the Namespace name however empty with no classes.

Rule 3: If you add a reference to a project whose source code is not present in the current application, the Namespace name that contains all internal classes will be hidden.


I tried it out and seems to work very nice.

Hope this helps,

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Apr 24 2009

Building A Data-Driven Expense App with Silverlight 3

Check this amazing article on Data-Driven apps in SL 3.0

Building A Data-Driven Expense App with Silverlight 3


Hope this helps,


Apr 15 2009

Silverlight Release History : Q1 2009 SP1 (version 2009.1.413)

Q1 2009 SP1 (version 2009.1.413)



SilverlightGridView Icon

RadGridView for Silverlight

New Features:

  • CanUserSortColumns property added
  • Disabled CheckBox for boolean column in view mode instead True/False added
  • Cells property added for grid rows - Items is now obsolete.
  • ExcelML export added
  • Exporting improvements (styles & formatting)
  • Exporting event added
  • Support for mouse over state in Cells added
  • GridViewComboboxColumn added
  • DistinctValues IValueConverter support added
  • RowAppearance settings moved to GridViewDataControl (RowStyle, HeaderRowStyle, etc.) - RowAppearance is now obsolete
  • HeaderRowStyle property added for GridViewDataControl
  • GroupRowStyle property added for GridViewDataControl
  • NewRowStyle property added for GridViewDataControl
  • Added Validation style for Vista, Summer and Office_Black themes
  • TAB naviagation improvements
  • CellTemplate and CellEditTemplate DataTemplate properties for GridViewColumn added
  • CreateCellElement and CreateCellEditElement virtual methods for GridViewColumn added


  • Export does not take into account columns that are hidden is now fixed
  • Height cannot be set in XAML for the grid rows is now fixed
  • Duplicate rows in Export to Excel is now fixed
  • HeaderText cannot be set in runtime is now fixed
  • GridViewColumn IsVisible now will not reset GridViewDataControl template
  • Cells are not created if the grid is not visible
    Control+Click multiple selection broken after switching tabs in a TabControl is now fixed
  • Column reordering with custom filter description added to the composite filter description of the grid is now fixed
  • DataElement property of RowLoadedEventArgs throws exception on new row is now fixed
  • Async binding does not work properly with filtering
  • Sorting on nested or indexed properties is now fixed
  • Distinct values on ntext columns exception is now fixed
  • Sorting on ntext columns is now fixed
  • CustomTypeDescriptor problems with sorting and distinct values are now fixed (WPF only)
  • Filtering on string when target value is null is now fixed
  • GroupingRequested not raised on group panel cell close button click is now fixed
  • DataFormatString does not work properly on export is now fixed
  • Vertical scrollbar margin not calculated properly when new row is visible is now fixed
Silverlight RadChart Icon


New Features:

  • Added two new 2D chart types: StackedLine and StackedSpline
  • Added AxisY.ExtendDirection property. This property will define if and in which direction AxisY will automatically add an additional step in order to ensure there is always a gap between the graph and the chart area top/bottom end. It is respected only when AutoRange property is set to true and IsZeroBasedProperty is treated with higher priority. The possible values are:

    • AxisExtendDirection.None - the Y axis will not be extended
    • AxisExtendDirection.Down - the Y axis will have an additional item at the bottom
    • AxisExtendDirection.Up - the Y axis will have an additional item at the top
    • AxisExtendDirection.Both - the Y axis will have an additional item at both - top and bottom
    • AxisExtendDirection.Smart - acts like AxisExtendDirection.Both with a single difference: the axis will never be extended outside the 0 value
  • New series types - StackedLine and StackedSpline
  • Exposed Style properties for customization of the visual elements of RadChart:

    • RadChart.TitleStyle - gets or sets the title style
    • RadChart.LegendStyle - gets or sets the legend style
    • SeriesDefinition.PointMarkItemStyle - gets or sets the Style associated with each point mark (where applicable)
    • SeriesDefinition.SeriesItemLabelStyle - gets or sets the series item label style
    • ChartArea.AxisXStyle - gets or sets the axis X style
    • ChartArea.AxisYStyle - gets or sets the axis Y style
    • ChartLegend.LegendItemStyle - gets or sets the legend item style
  • PointMarks shape and appearance can now be customized through
  • SeriesDefinition.Appearance.PointMark complex property
  • Added item tooltip format
  • Introduced automatic AxisX.LayoutMode selection that takes the actual displayed chart series into account


  • Fixed an issue with series item format not working for the last item
  • Applying styles to AxisXLabel2D is now possible
  • Fixed an issue with wrong ItemIndex in ChartItemClickEventArgs for radial series.

Breaking Changes:

  • AxisY.AutoScale is now obsolete. Please, use AutoRange property instead
  • Numeric label formats have changed - there is no {0} placeholder used anymore. For example the old format "{0:C}" is now written as "C"


New Features:

  • Semi-circle styles for radial gauges
  • Quadrant-like styles for radial gauges
Silverlight RadEditor Icon


Fixes in Firefox:

  • Telerik.Windows.Controls.Editor.dll – fixed mistaken assembly info affecting IntelliSense
SilverlightMaskedTextBox Icon


  • SelectionStart, SelectionLength, AutoCompleteInterval - new properties added


  • Accordion functionality
RadDragAndDropManager Icon


  • Drag-Related properties can now be set in the constructor of the RootVisual, no Null Exceptions will occur
  • When the drag Source is set as a DragCue, it is correctly put back in the visual tree on drop complete
  • Drag-drop across multiple nested windows now works as expected
RadTabControl Icon


  • TemplateBinding to HeaderTemplate now added in all templates
RadWindow Icon


  • Modal Window background now visible in Alert, Prompt, Confirm.
RadMediaPlayer Icon



  • Fixed RadMediaPlayer bug affecting the CurrentItem property when set before the template has been applied
  • Removed a Loaded Trigger which confused Blend during template editing

Memory Leak Fixes:

  • RadWindow, RadTreeView, RadMenu, RadNumericUpDown, RadSlider

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