Feb 21 2008

LINQ to SQL Beta 2 to RTM Changes

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I had a LINQ to SQL code for one of my article coming soon in a magazine where I wrote the code during the Beta 2 of the LINQ to SQL. Now when I try to run the same code on VS 2008 I got errors on the "Add" and "Remove" method of the entities inside the DataContext.

For example:

            // Create a new instance of the DataContext
            CustomerDataContext db = BizObject.Context;

            // Create a new customer and add it to the DataContext
            // to be able to have the DataContext track changes on the object
            Customer localCustomer = new Customer {
                    FirstName = customer.FirstName,
                    LastName = customer.LastName,
                    Email = customer.Email
            // Add the item to the DataContext           

There is no Add method anymore, it got replaced with InsertOnSubmit method, Same applies to the Remove method, it was replaced by DeleteOnSubmit method. For a complete list of the changes, visit this link on the MSDN forums:



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