Feb 17 2008

Job Opportunity - Software Engineer

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A respectful company, based in Beirut - Lebanon, is curently searching for a software engineer that develops custom solutions for major clients involving new technologies.

The basic job function is as follows:

  • Researching, designing, writing and testing new software programs;
  • Developing existing systems by analyzing and identifying areas for modification;
  • 'Bolting together' existing software products (getting incompatible platforms to work together and creating code to link them);
  • Maintaining systems by monitoring, identifying and correcting software defects;
  • Investigating new technologies;
  • Working with computer coding languages;
  • Writing operational documentation with technical authors;
  • Working closely with other staff, such as project managers, graphic artists, systems analysts, and sales and marketing professionals;
  • Problem-solving and thinking laterally as part of a team, or individually, to meet the needs of the project.

The necessary skills are as follows:

  • Fluent in C++, C#, Vb.net, ASP, ASP.net, HTML, SOAP, XML, ODBC, SQL
  • Knowledge in Visual Studio 2005
  • Knowledge in SQL Server 2005 and Oracle
  • Knowledge of parallel processing, object oriented programming, Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) and Web Services
  • Excellent speaking and communication skills
  • Problem solving skills to assess design alternatives and perform tradeoffs to determine designs or functionality that best meet customer needs

Required Education/Experience:

  • BS in Computer Science or related field and 3 years experience - Or
  • Master’s Degree in Computer Science or related field with no or little experience

If any person living in Lebanon and feels he/she has the skills for this position, send me your CV @ bhaidar at gmail.com and I will forward the CV to the person in contact.




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