Jul 29 2007

Anonymous Types

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Anonymous types is a new feature of C# 3.0. It allows developers to creat local objects without the need to have a real signature of a class. This is helpful sometimes, when you have methods that take as input a large number of input parameters. What you can do is simply create a new anonymous type and use it through out the local body of the method. This way, you will be dealing with a strongly type class containing all input parameters instead of dealing with seperate fields.

 Anonymous types allows grouping data into a class that is created
 automatically at compile-time.

 var x= new {a=1, b=2, c="Bilal"};
 The above statement is compiled and the following is created:
 class __Anonymous1
  private int _a= 3;
  private int _b= 5;
  private int _c= "some text";

  public int a { get{ return _a; } set{ _a = value;} };
  public int b { get{ return _b; } set{ _b = value;} };
  public int c { get{ return _c; } set{ _c = value;} };

 When we define a subset of a class as an anonymous type,
 we declare the anonymous type without the need to specify
 properties names, this is called Projection Initializer.

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