Jul 19 2007

How to Document your Webservice

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I am always used to use XML Documentation for my code in VS 2003/2005. Lately, I have been working with Webservices and wanted also to document my webservice methods and provide some customization for the webservice as a whole. So how does it go?

First of all, you can add two major fields to the WebServiceAttribute:

1- Description: You can provide some description of what the Webservice does. This part is shown below the Webservice name.
2- Name: The Webservice name always to defaults to the ".asmx" name. However, you can change it by using this attribute.

You can also provide some description to the WebMethods using the WebMethodAttribute:

1- Description: You add your documentation for the webmethod in this section. The text you type in here will be shown under the Webmethod when viewing the webservice.

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