May 21 2007

My country is bleeding again ....

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Another barbaric attack hit my country, my city, my people, my children, my future, my body, my life!!!

Yesterday a car bomb in Achrafieh, tonight a car bomb in Verdun! Tomorrow? After tomorrow? After after tomorrow? What a life full of action and bomb surprises. What a life in Lebanon, its winter rains blood, its spring opens bombs insted of opening flowers, and its summer is hot as those bombs .....

Why are we supposed to pay that much? Till when are we supposed to keep on paying more and more?

I urge the UN and the international parties to stand-up and be responsible more and more to put an end to what is happening in this small country, but big in its people, LEBANON!!!

Nothing to say more ...


From the battale field - Beirut - Lebanon
Best Regards


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