May 14 2007

AJAX Asynchronous Postback

Category: AJAX-ATLASBil@l @ 07:54

Another quick note on the event's order when for instance a button inside an UpdatePanel fires an event:

1- The Button inside the UpdatePanel is clicked, this means a new asynchronous postback request is initiated
2- PageRequestManager fires the initializeRequest event
3- PageRequestManager fires the beginRequest event
4- Request sent to the server
5- Response received from the server
5- PageRequestManager fires the pageLoading event
6- PageRequestManager fires the pageLoaded event
7- Application instance fires the Load event
8- PageRequestManager fires the endRequest event

You will notice that the Application's init event is fired only once which is the page first is requested. However, the Application Load event is fired all the time before the PageRequestManager's endRequest.

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