Aug 5 2006

Databinding Expressions in ASP.NET 1.1/2.0

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A very common question on the ASP.NET forums is how to do expression databinding on the ASPX page.

The ASP.NET allows you to use 3 different binding expressions:

1- <% %>
You can use the above expression to execute some C#/VB.NET code as follows:

<% Response.Write("Hello World"); %>

Which will print out "Hello World" on the page.

2- <%# %>
This expression can be used to execute any property, collection, expression, or method result on the ASPX page.

  1. <%# CustomerID %> will print out the customer ID provided CustomerID is a public property/field.
  2. <asp:ListBox ... datasource='<%# studentArray %>' ... /> this will bind the ListBox to an array of students.
  3. Full Name: <%# (Student.FirstName + " " + Student.La   stName) %>
  4. Number of users online: <%# GetUserCount() %>

The main idea here is that, the expression within the <%# %> is only executed when Page.DataBind() is called.

3- <%= %>
This works the same as the above expression syntax with the difference that this syntax is executed on page load without the need to call Page.DataBind(). Similar to Response.Write().



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