May 2 2006

WebSetp Project & Visual Studio 2005 Web Deployment Projects

Category: ASP.NET 2.0 - GeneralBil@l @ 08:52

As you all know, Visual Studio 2005 Web Deployment Projects has be officially launched. Out of the cool things I like when working with WDP is the ability to include the WDP in a web setpup project.

Assuming you have created your webs application, class library(ies), added Web Deployment Project.

  • Add a new Web Setup Project:
  • Right-click, View --> File System
  • You will notice Web Application folder, right click, add, project output
  • Choose the Web Deployment Project.
  • Build Solution

You will notice the ".msi" file created that, once deployed, it will be deploying the Web Deployment Project now instead of deploying the whole web aplication.




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