Mar 4 2006

I am back . . .

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You might be asking where I have been all this time. Well, I have been away a bit from posting, first for getting some sickness which I am over it by now and second, I was working on a community website for Microsoft in the area of Middle East.

The website is, it is a Microsoft Development Community site. I invite you all and welcome you all to the webisite, to register their, to have the chance to write your own articles, code samples, share with us your experience, knowledge, help on the forums, and get helped.

The website was my first experience in DotNetNuke. I learned a lot in the lsat few weeks in the field of DotNetNuke, developed my own custom modules and enjoyed working with it a lot.

In the coming few days, I will be posting many interesting code samples and ideas that I have gathered in the last few weeks.

Regards to all,

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