Feb 14 2006

Working with DotNetNuke Custom Modules

Category: DotNetNukeBil@l @ 17:36

I have recently started working with DotNetNuke, this is my first post in the DotNetNuke category, so expect I will be posting more often here in this section.

To start with, I would like to point all DNN developers about a great link where they can download CodeSmith Templates for creating DotNetNuke Modules.

You can visit: VS.NET 2003 Project Templates for DotNetNuke to download the templates you can use to create a new module. 

You can alos check this great article, that helps you out develop your first Module in DotNetNuke 3.x, located at: DotNetNuke Random Image Module - Tutorial

That was my start with Custom Modules or Private Assemblies in DotNetNuke.

Enjoy DotNetNuking !!



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