Feb 9 2006

Popup Window inside Code-Behind

Category: ASP.NET 1.xBil@l @ 14:14

Opening a pop up windows from code-behind has been the topic of many many questions on the ASP.NET forums. I once created a control in two versions for ASP.NET 1.1 and 2.0, that helps developers by calling a simple method, providing it with some paramters, and here you go, opening a popup windows very easily, no javascript no nothing, just simple VB.NET/C# function calls.

I had that control on my previous website, as a free downloadable control, I decided today to place it again on this blog, since there are still many developers on the ASP.NET forums, asking on how to do so.

Visit the Files Area on my blog and download the control and use it for free.

Enjoy Popupping !! :)




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