Jan 25 2006

How to publish Community Server 1.1 remotely?

Category: Community ServerBil@l @ 10:21

In a previous post, we have seen how to install CS 1.1 on a local machine.

Now it is time to upload our installation to our own web space. We will be installing CS 1.1 inside a folder called *cs*, so now you can have the CS 1.1 home page @: http://mywebsite.com/cs/

  • Copy the web folder where you had your CS 1.1 installation on your local machine, suppose it is called *Web*, to the root of your web space
  • Create a Virtual Directory called cs that points to the folder called Web thay you just have uploaded to your root directory of the web space
  • Make sure the database has been upload successfully, how to upload it? Depends on the hosting company you are working with
  • Open the table called cs_Sites, you will find inside it a record that has a SiteUrl of *localhost/cs*, change this to something as *mywebsite.com/cs*

That is all, you have now a working version of the CS 1.1 on your web space.





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