Mar 16 2010

FREE EBOOK: Programming Windows Phone 7 Series

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Grab it here: Programming Windows Phone 7 Series


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Mar 16 2010

Windows Phone 7 Development (Silverlight & XNA)

Category: Mix 2010 | Silverlight | Windows Phone 7Bil@l @ 22:46

Here is a bunch of great resources for you to start:

- Windows Phone 7 Series Developer Training Kit

- Introducing Windows Phone 7 Development Tools

- Getting started with Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 Development

- Developing for Windows Phone 7 for Silverlight


This is just a start ;)



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Mar 15 2010

Develop for Windows Phone 7

Category: Mix 2010 | Silverlight | Windows PhoneBil@l @ 22:47

Today at Mix, the Windows Phone Application Platform was revealed!

I attended a lecture on the application model, flavors of what we can develop on a Windows Phone, WP emulator and much more!

Visit the Windows Phone 7 Series and download all you need to start your first app!!

You can also find good bits here: Windows Phone Development

Enjoy it!

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Mar 15 2010

Mix 2010 - Keynote - Scott Guthrie

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First keynotes I see with Scott Guthrie.

Well organized,  lots of information on Silverlight whether media related, Windows mobile related, ebay lister app, and others.

The Silverilght 4.0 RC is out! In a month or so, Silverlight 40. RTM will be out! ..... according to Scott!


More to come, stay tuned :)


Mar 14 2010

Mix 2010 - Boot-camps - 1st Post

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This is my first day at Mix 2010, the number of sessions and the topics to be covered look interesting!

Two boot-camps I attended today: Silverlight 4.0 and MVC 2.0:

- Silverlight boot-camp: Overview of SL 4.0 and basic concepts were presented by Mike Taulty and John Papa. Encouraging lecture and very good as a beginning.

- MVC 2.0 boot-camp: Overview on MVC 2.0 features and basic concepts presented by John Galloway. I am sure John has got lots of information on the subject, but it wasn't an interesting lecture at all. Should be more structured and much more prepared!


I will keep you up to date with the latest news from Mix ;)