Oct 21 2009

RadControls for Silverlight Q3 2009 Beta 2 v 2009.3.1019

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Changes on existing controls


What’s New:

  • Horizontal and vertical UI virtualization with container recycling added for rows and cells
  • All grid templates (rows, cells, etc.) lighten up
  • Extended Validation
    • Added metadata driven validation (via data annotations attributes)
    • Added more validation events that allow support for custom validation
  • Clipboard.IsEnabled property added
  • GridViewDynamicHyperlinkColumn and GridViewHyperlinkColumn added
  • GridViewImageColumn added
  • Introduced new property SelectionMode which specifies the selection behavior
  • Hierarchy support simplified and improved
  • PrintToHtml() method added
  • GroupFooterTemplate added for GridViewColumn
  • GridViewToggleRowDetailsColumn added

What’s Fixed:

  • Null reference exception when calling ReorderColumns in DataLoaded is now fixed
  • Cell's content was not displayed when GridView was bound to list of primitive types is now fixed
  • IsFilteringAllowed cannot be changed with Binding runtime is now fixed
  • SelectionChanged event is no longer raised when ItemsSource property is changed
  • Memory leak in FilteringDropDown is now fixed
  • Header row not exported correctly if the grid is grouped is now fixed
  • Exception with exporting of grouped grid with null values is now fixed
  • AutogenerateColumns property is now a DependencyProperty
  • Column cannot be replaced in AutoGeneratingColumn event


What’s New:

  • Negative values – RadChart provides full negative values support for all relevant two-dimensional series types
  • Multiple Y axes support – RadChart adds a highly requested support for secondary and multiple Y axes. The new feature is useful when the values of the displayed data series vary a lot from one another or different types of data should be presented in one chart. The scale of each added Y axis corresponds to the associated data series and auto adjusts its range
  • Added support for two new Label Format Tokens useful for stacked chart series – STSUM (stacked sum – represents the sum of all stacked items for a given index) and STPERCENT (stacked percent – the percent representation of the value of a given item with respect to all stacked items for the respective index).

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented RadChart to correctly change its theme in runtime
  • Fixed an issue with setting AxisY.Step before AxisY.MinValue that resulted in incorrect axis range
  • Fixed an issue with missing axis titles in 3D chart types in some scenarios
  • Fixed an issue with skewed AxisX ticks in horizontal bar series types
  • Fixed an issue that prevented tooltips to support standard format expressions like "C2", "N2", etc.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented tooltip format customization for Range and financial series types
  • Fixed an issue that prevented setting the AxisX.Step property declaratively in XAML
  • Fixed an issue that prevented setting the AxisX.TicksDistance property declaratively in XAML
  • Fixed an issue that prevented setting GroupingSettings declaratively in XAML
  • Fixed NullReferenceException with grouping and aggregation when grouping by data field containing null values
  • Fixed NullReferenceException with custom chart layout in some scenarios


What’s New:

  • UI Virtualization (vertical only)
  • CheckBoxes and BringIntoView support
  • Added SingleExpandPath functionality


What’s New:

  • Standard Resources have been added to the Appointment and Edit Appointment dialogs:
    • Category
    • Importance
    • TimeMarker
  • All-day area improvements
  • Added properties for implementing read-only scheduler:
    • IsReadOnly
    • IsBackAndForwardNavigationEnabledImportance
    • IsViewModeNavigationEnabled
  • Added properties to the Resource type for colorizing appointments when grouped:
    • ResourceBrush
    • AppointmentBrush
    • MouseOverAppointmentBrush
    • SelectedAppointmentBrush


What’s New:

  • RadDocking now uses RadToggleButton and RadContextMenu instead of RadMenu
  • All Close and Pin buttons are replaced by RadButtons
  • If RadPane’s Header property is null and there is no binding, the Header is automatically bound to the Title property (if not null) or vice versa
  • The Compass property has been added to the PreviewShowCompassEventArgs class. The value of this property is a reference to the compass that will be shown
  • The PreviewShowCompass event is also fired for the RootCompass
  • IsLeftIndicatorVisible, IsTopIndicatorVisible, IsRightIndicatorVisible, IsBottomIndicatorVisible, IsCenterIndicatorVisible properties have been added to the Compass class. These properties allow you to show or hide parts of both the Compass and RootCompass controls
  • States compass parts visibility are added
  • When the pane is in the DocumentHost area the title of the tab item displays the Header property with the HeaderTemplate (before the Title property with the HeaderTemplate was displayed)
  • HasDocumentHost property has been added, RadDocking now supports RadSplitContainer as the last child

What’s Fixed:

  • The TitleTemplateSelector property of the RadPane has been removed
  • DockingPanel does not inherit from RadDockPanel anymore


What’s New:

  • Added two new themes – Office Black and Office Silver
  • RibbonButtons support Commands with Parameter and Target


What’s Changed:

  • RadOutlookBar now updates its Title after item has dynamically changed its Header
  • Added two new themes – Office Black, Office Silver, Office Blue, Summer, Vista


What’s Fixed:

  • Setting the value of a standard mask used to not clear the mask beyond the changed characters


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed issue with hardcoded Margin and MinWidth in RadSlider’s ControlTemplate. When the width was less than 56px, RadSlider would clip itself


What’s New:

  • SourceUrl can now be use with binding


What’s New:

  • New button type has been added – RadSplitButton
  • Commands support with Parameter and Target


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