Jan 22 2009

How to find the Microsoft® File Transfer Manager?

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Have you ever tried to locate the Microsoft File Transfer Manager on your PC? Sometimes, it happens with me that I need to restart the PC while the File Manager is working, downloading software from my MSDN account. Then when the PC is up and I need to re-open the manage, I couldn't find it and what I used to do is login again to MSDN, try to download any software, so that I get the File Manager again.

Well, there is an easier solution, simple follow the steps and it works perfect:

  1. Open the CMD (Command Prompt)
  2. Change directory to %SystemRoot%\Downloaded Program Files\
  3. Type TransferMgr.exe
  4. You will see the File Manager window in front of you on the screen

 The above steps can be found in more details here: Microsoft® File Transfer Manager

Hope this helps,


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