Oct 29 2006

the tragedy of my society

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I wonder sometimes, is it really true that God prevents two persons from two different religions to live together?

Does God differentiate between a person from ReligionX and a person from ReligionY

Doesn’t God look at each person as an instance of a Human Being?

Does God accept that two persons cannot be together just because they are of two different religions and that their society doesn’t allow them to do so?

What’s wrong with people’s mind in my country? The more we are educated the more we are uncivilized, a saying said by a close friend of mine, which is absolutely true!

Why do we need all this education and learning and we still look at each other different just because our religions are different? What is the use of all this education, if it will keep our minds close and blind?

Why should a silly society take my dreams and hopes away simply because I can’t be with the person I have chosen, and it happened that person was from a different religion!!

Isn’t the religion of all people in the entire world, “Human Being”? Isn’t this our religion?

Do we accuse people just because they are of different religions?

Aren't we allowed to love people, to live with people, just because they are of a different religion? For God’s sake, who said so???

I am truly disgusted from such a society I live in, that makes religion an obstacle for two to live with each other, for two understanding, educated persons, who are aware of all the issues, aware that what joined them is their personalities, their characters, their high level of education and mentality, but then comes in the society, to make us think as uneducated people, to make us think as people coming from the Stone age!!!


What kind of societies is my society?