Mar 4 2006

ASP.NET and DNN Website deploy

When you developer an ASP.NET web application or a DotNetNuke application, you will be having all types of file extensions:

  • .csproj
  • .cs
  • .vb
  • .su
  • .sln
  • etc ...

So, imagine you are developing a huge web application or even a DotNetNuke website and now it is time to deploy your application. Are you going to go through each single folder in your web application, remove all un needed files and leave the aspx, ascx, css, etc .. files for deployment? Maybe that can be done for small applications, but not for DoetNetNuke applications nor for huge ASP.NET web applications.

The solution found here is called DNNDeploy which you can read more about it here:

ASP.NET Deployment App

This tool goes through all your files in the application, allows you to choose what file extensions to keep and generates a web site ready for deployment.

I am sure this helps us a lot.


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Mar 4 2006

Debug a DotNetNuke Modules

Category: DotNetNukeBil@l @ 20:26

While developing Custom Modules in DotNetNuke, there comes a time where  you need to debug your modules, or specific user controls.

You can download the dnndebug.aspx page from the following link:


All you need to do is place this aspx page in the root of your DNN installation, and give it the full path of the control you want to debug as follow:


It will parse the user control, and display for you the errors generated by this usercontrol.

Hope this helps you identify your errors and make your DNN development easier.



Mar 4 2006

I am back . . .

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You might be asking where I have been all this time. Well, I have been away a bit from posting, first for getting some sickness which I am over it by now and second, I was working on a community website for Microsoft in the area of Middle East.

The website is, it is a Microsoft Development Community site. I invite you all and welcome you all to the webisite, to register their, to have the chance to write your own articles, code samples, share with us your experience, knowledge, help on the forums, and get helped.

The website was my first experience in DotNetNuke. I learned a lot in the lsat few weeks in the field of DotNetNuke, developed my own custom modules and enjoyed working with it a lot.

In the coming few days, I will be posting many interesting code samples and ideas that I have gathered in the last few weeks.

Regards to all,

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Feb 27 2006

Vista and Office 2007 Beta Bits

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Wanna have Vista and Office 2007 Beta Bits --- look no further J